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 My supreme ambition: satisfied customers

Information about us

You can get help with renowned consultancies.

In majority of cases you get to the final presentation and a great deal of paper.

From personal experience I know that usually the least of which is being implemented.

Why is that?

Mostly "there's the rub" the attitude that is missing on the proposed results.

What we do differently?

We develop solutions with you and your staff and do not leave you alone during the implementation!

What else is different?

Unlike large consulting firms can be found here solutions for over 30 years of international and practical results in corporate and management experience.

 You must not give up modern and Scientific methods accepted!

  • I spent over 30 years as managing director, plant manager, department manager and project leader internationally  and in different industries.
  • I am a trained engineer diploma in electrical engineering (focus on communications technology), Master of Arts in economics and management, business administration and possess a certificate in Total Quality Management
  • I have a variety of training and education, which you can benefit from.
Willibert Wilkens
Willibert Wilkens, Owner Engineering Office Wilkens

Ulrike Wilkens
Ulrike Wilkens, Secretariat